That is why we and Jean-Claude chose to travel the long journey to Malmo, southern Sweden, a symbol of environmental protection.
We arrived in part with assisted electric pedal bikes and in part on mountain bikes, backed by the hotel chef driving the camper, along with two of our employees.
Many of our Swedish guests hosted us, but we put in a condition: we would only have stopped by them if they had organized a party and our chef had cooked for them and their friends!
Unexpected meetings, chatting up to late, spectacular landscapes, new ways to protect our environment, this is what the trip gave us … and back home we put some things into practice …
First of all we bought a zero-emission electric vehicle for our small trips, but also for you, our guests.
Then we turned our hotel into a low-impact hotel, exploiting local resources (sun and biomass), but also renovating facilities and recycling existing pre-existing plant components, such as disused diesel tanks.
To renovate from the energy point of view, we have installed an outer coat insulation around the building and replaced the fixtures with high performance components and mechanical ventilation systems of the premises.
We are still experimenting – for now with excellent results – the use of energy storage systems with phase change materials (PCM as paraffin and Glauber salts).
The existing photovoltaic system has been integrated with a system of solar thermal collectors and a helium heat pump that optimizes production from renewable sources.
The hotel is also managed and monitored by a control system that maximizes comfort in every single room while at the same time avoiding excessive waste and consumption.
All this has been added to the possibility of using an electric vehicle to include sustainable mobility in actions aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the facility.
The renovation of our hotel was of particular environmental interest and in 2011 it won a regional award for “demonstration machinery” Law number [L.R. 3/2006] and is still monitored to study its functioning.



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