What We Are

We are a very special RTA, because with us you find apartments equipped with small kitchens to make your vacation independent and autonomous, but at the same time we have the services of a Hotel. 

We are different from others because the majority of our apartments are equipped with two bathrooms.

We have an in-house bar where you can have a quick and easy breakfast or you can take advantage of a buffet like in a classic hotel. 

We are different because you can walk out the door of your accommodation and go directly to the spa, in your bathrobe, taking advantage of all the spa services.

We are different because we have a shuttle service that takes you to the lifts and picks you up without you having to move your car. 

We are different because with us you find an in-house Bistro (to be reserved), where you can enjoy special dinners without leaving your location. 

We are different because you don't need to go out to do your grocery shopping and then have to cook, with us you can order ready-made, home-cooked meals from a home deli, with a choice of twenty dishes. All you have to do is pick up your favorite dish and heat it up in your apartment kitchen. 

We also have a room with large tables available for larger families and groups of friends so that we can all eat together, with all the comfort and space you need. 

We are different because you will never be alone (during winter periods and in August) as we will always be there and provide you with the warmth and welcome we always gave our customers when we were still a hotel. 

Our Story

The first ski lift in Cervinia was opened by my grandfather Luigi - known as Luisetto - in the 1950s, while my grandmother was the cook and managed the 2-3 rooms of the small inn they owned. My grandfather was also in charge of the snowplow service.

Tourists were just then beginning to discover and love our area.My mom was 21 years old when, together with my grandmother, she took over the management of the family business. With each generation, we have added a floor of rooms and renovated the rooms.

We have families who have been returning for 40 years...Grandchildren of my grandparents' first customers still come to visit us!

And today, joining the Lac Bleu family is Thor - our beloved Newfoundland - who has become the mascot of our guests!

Environmental Sustainability

We are grateful to the environment around us!

That is why Jean-Claude and I chose to make the long journey to Malmö in southern Sweden, a city that is a symbol of environmental protection.

We got there partly on pedal-assisted bikes and partly on mountain bikes, supported by the hotel chef who was driving the camper, along with two of our employees. So many of our Swedish clients hosted us, but we made one condition: we would only stay with them if they hosted a party and our chef cooked for them and their friends! Unexpected encounters, late-night chats, spectacular scenery, new ways to protect our environment-this is what the trip gave us...and back home we put a few things into practice...
First of all, we bought a zero-emission electric vehicle for our small trips, but also for you, our clients.

Then we transformed our hotel into an environmentally friendly one, taking advantage of local resources (sun and biomass), but also renovating the facilities and "recycling" pre-existing plant components, such as decommissioned diesel tanks.

In order to upgrade the hotel from an energy standpoint, we have implemented external insulation and replaced window frames with high-performance components and mechanical room ventilation systems.

We are still experimenting-so far with excellent results-with the use of energy storage systems with phase change materials (PCMs such as paraffins and Glauber salts).

The existing photovoltaic system has been integrated with a solar thermal collector system and a helio-assisted heat pump that optimizes production from renewable sources.

The hotel is also managed and monitored by a control system that maximizes comfort in each individual room while avoiding waste and excessive consumption.

Our hotel redevelopment project was of particular interest from an environmental point of view and, in 2011, won a regional call for "demonstration plants" [L.R. 3/2006] and is still being monitored to study its operation.